Disentangle & re-entangle into a new mission | S4E10

Season #4

In the military, the mission was important. In fact, the mission is what matters

The same is true of our call to follow Christ. Finding a new mission is essential to the warrior as they move forward.

So, in this episode we highlight 5 truths about the “Great Commission,” including…

🎖️ Authority

👉 Sending

✅ Objectives

📈 Development

⚙️ Ongoing


(Note: this content comes from the first part of chapter 6 in Disentangled.)


Videos shared in this episode

Before = the trailer for our most recent film, Trauma Comes Home

After = Jeremy reminds us that when you come home you fight a different war

Links to go further

Disentangled book = https://www.warriorhope.online/disentangled 

Stream our films free = https://warriorsonmission.org/films/ 

Host a screening of Trauma Comes Home = https://www.traumacomeshome.com 

Free Hope for the Warrior Family audiobook = https://www.warriorhope.online/WFA