Exfil got me out of the war but didn’t get the war out of me | S4E9

Season #4

Exfil / exfiltration occurs when warriors are quickly extracted from a combat situation.

When it happens, it removes the warriors from a dangerous scenario and places the in safety.


… it does so PHYSICALLY. And, as you know, ew’ve bee discussing the invisible wounds many warriors carry (and, we’ve said it’s NORMAL to have them).


5 keys to healing PTSD & Moral Injury…

🔑 Acknowledge it = admit there’s a problem that exile can’t heal

🔑 Decompress = talk about with others (many of them are carrying similar things, and we realize we have common ground)

🔑 Don’t do it alone = get all the help you need

🔑 Be on mission = find something to do (more about this in episodes 10 &11)


… for Moral Injury…

🔑 Forgiveness = resolve the spiritual side of it


(Note: this content comes from the second part of chapter 5 in Disentangled.)


Videos shared in this episode

Before = A WW2 vet says that sometimes you need to “turn the page” to keep going forward

After = JT reminds us that healing isn’t a destination; it’s a journey (a Songs of Hope clip)

Links to go further

Disentangled book = https://www.warriorhope.online/disentangled 

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