No Purple Hearts for this injury | S4E6

Season #4

When warriors do things that violate their conscience, their sense of right and wrong, Moral Injury often results.

PTSD is a perceived threat to external circumstances. It “looks like” fight of flight (some people add freeze).

Moral Injury is internal and is expressed as guilt and shame. It’s something we consistently carry with us.

In this episode we talk about the differences— in the next we’ll go into a practical example from the Bible.


(Note: this content comes from the first part of chapter 4 in Disentangled.)


Videos shared in this episode

Before = PTSD is not new… it’s just had different names in different eras

After = Alexis Wilkins wrote a song for Songs of Hope with a family— the kids— who lost their father to suicide. Here, they talk about only having “pictures” left

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