The price you pay for serving, part 1 | S4E3

Season #4

The warrior’s life is difficult. Aside from the everyday challenges everyone faces, warriors pay a unique price for serving.

These can impact them even after they return home (as we explore in our latest documentary, Trauma Comes Home).


Three of the costs of serving are:

💰 Separation from family & friends

💰 Separation from one’s own self

💰 Separation from the past, from what once was


Though we want to focus— in this study— on the “bigger issues” of PTSD & Moral Injury, it’s important to affirm each of these.

We’ll continue this in the next episode…



(Note: this content comes from the first part of chapter 2 in Disentangled.)


Videos shared in this episode

After = Jeremiah talks about when Osama bin Laden actually died, part of a clip from Songs ofHope

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