Oath keeper | S4E1

Season #4

In this new series we talk about Disentangled, our latest resource for warriors. This one is unique in that it is a 6-lesson Bible study about:

⭐️ What it means to be a warrior

⭐️ The price required to serve

⭐️ How to overcome the pains of the past and step into a new mission


Here’s a summary of where we’re headed—

🪢 By necessity, warriors entangle themselves in "soldiering." They set aside the concerns of everyday life to focus on protecting and serving.

🪢 Sometimes it's hard to unentangle from soldiering-- due to the unseen scars of war (PTSD & Moral Injury), the abrupt changes of home, and the lack of (another) mission.

🪢 Warriors are trained for battle, but not trained to return home.

Disentangled is a 6-lesson study, using Scripture and real-life examples, to help warriors unentangle and then re-entangle.


The definition of what a warrior is and what a warrior does transcends time and place. Though the tools of war have changed, the essence of a warrior has not.

In lesson one we decide two concepts define the warrior— they are:

✅ United by a common oath

✅ They serve a common mission


In this first episode we talk about the oath.

(And we explore why Paul applies this imagery to the Christian faith.)


Videos shared in this episode

After = Dan Demay & another veteran prepping for Songs of Hope

Links to go further

Disentangled book = https://www.warriorhope.online/disentangled 

Stream our films free = https://warriorsonmission.org/films/