PTSD 101: What You Need To Know | S3E2

Season #3

In Episode 2 of this season's #WarriorHope podcast, we talk about PTSD-- a common occurrence when we find ourselves reacting to external events in the present "as if" we're still in the past.

Yes, it's common.

What's uncommon is the diagnosis (and it should be uncommon).


In this talk we go back to the basics and describe what PTSD is, where it comes from, and how we can ALL benefit from "not reacting" but responding instead in a healthy way-- especially when we face issues that "trigger" our emotions.

It’s hard to walk in your purpose— and reach your full potential— when you’re still clinging to the hurts of the past.


It’s almost impossible to grab hold of the future while entangled in past pain.

Here's a path forward…